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Fiscal Services

Zach Klemish

Director of Fiscal Services


The Fiscal Services Department of AESD is responsible for operating budgetary processes within the School District.  It encompasses the purchase order process used by administrators to procure equipment and supplies, staff compensation, benefits, occupational safety, facilities planning & upkeep, as well as the freight flow between the District Warehouse and Campus Offices.

To contact the Fiscal Services Office, (760) 246-8691:
Veronica Monteilh, Secretary II,, ext 10233


Fiscal Services Staff

Accounts Payable

Alicia Dencker,, ext 10239



Keiry Ewing,, ext 10228

Sylvia Hayes,, ext 10270



Debbie Reynolds,, ext 10207

Janet O'Dell,, ext 10237

Mona Montenegro,, ext 10267

Fax: (760) 246-6226



Lori McMillen,, ext 10202

Fax: (760) 246-4201



Jason Hughes,, ext 10297

Shane Adcock,, ext 10299